Poland to discuss arms embargo on Turkey within EU

Agreeing a common position on the export of military goods to Turkey was amongst the most important topics of the 28 countries forum in Luxemburg

Polish Foreign Affairs Minister Jacek Czaputowicz did not answer when asked whether Poland would also introduce an export embargo. He stated that Warsaw would consult with other capitals on this matter.

"We will be working in a group with other countries to agree a position. We are not a significant exporter of weapons to Turkey. The problem applies to Poland to a lesser extent, the position of the major exporting countries which initiated the embargo is more important here. You should also consider NATO's position and the fact that Turkey is a member of NATO, " said Minister Czaputowicz.

France, Germany, Finland, Sweden, as well as Belgium and the Netherlands announced the introduction of a ban on the sale of military products to Turkey. Spain also expressed its desire to suspend the license to supply military goods to Turkey. These actions were taken to apply pressure on Ankara to end its offensive against the Kurds in northern Syria.