Parliamentary elections in Poland. Official results

During yesterday’s parliamentary elections in Poland 61 percent of Poles chose their representatives. Check the summary of the results and the new Sejm and Senate delegates.

Last night brought the hottest political emotions this year. The parliamentary elections held on Sunday October, 13 showed the new political representation of the Polish people. The voters chose among 5,111 candidates from 10 registered electoral committees.

The final results were published just after 8pm.The National Electoral Commission announced a total of 18,470,710 valid votes for all lists of candidates for deputies. The number of invalid ballot papers totalled 207,747 (1.11 percent of all votes). 61.74 % voted.

A total of 8,051,935 people, or 43.59 percent of voters, supported the Law and Justice Electoral Committee. The Coalition Electoral Committee of the Civic Coalition PO .N IPL Zieloni won 5,060,355 votes or 27.40 percent support. 2,319,946 people voted for the candidates of the Democratic Left Alliance, representing 12.56 percent of voters. The Polish People's Party Electoral Committee were supported by 1,577,523 voters, or 8.55 percent. The Confederation of Freedom and Independence Election Committee received 1,255,953 votes, or 6.81 percent support.

The proportional amount of seats for each committee gives: Law and Justice (PiS) 235, Civic Coalition (KO) 134, Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) 49, Polish People’s Party (PSL) 30, Confederation 11 and 1 for the German national minority.

The first session of the Sejm and Senate are convened by the president on a day falling within 30 days of election day. It follows that the inaugural ceremonies will be held on November 12 at the latest.