Right-wing Confederation wants annulment of general elections

Representatives of the right-wing Confederation announced on Tuesday that they intend to submit a motion to the Supreme Court demanding the annulment of the recent general election in Poland and conducting a new vote.

Parliamentary elections in Poland. Official results

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Members of the grouping say that the Polish public television (TVP) did not fulfil the ruling of a court concerning the publication of polls in which Confederation exceeded the five-percent electoral threshold in Poland.

“The governmental television has committed many manipulations, violating the electoral law and the largest assault on free, democratic elections after 1989, and this is why we will intervene,” said Robert Winnicki, one of the leaders of Confederation who was re-elected as an MP on Sunday.

“Last Saturday, during the period of the electoral silence, TVP was obliged to publish an apology, a correction and six polls, in which Confederation exceeds the electoral threshold,” Michał Wawer, a lawyer and a candidate of the movement said.

“The Polish television did not do it,” he said, adding that the three million viewers of the prime-time TVP news programme were left “under the impression that it is very likely that Confederation will not exceed the electoral threshold.”

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The public TV main news programme Wiadomości had published a correction of the relevant information but the court also ordered that it should publish six opinion polls in which Confederation exceeded the threshold. This was challenged by TVP which appealed against such a ruling. The appeal was lost and the judgement was made final on Saturday, after electoral silence came into force.

Confederation received 6.81 percent of votes in the recent general election. It allowed this right-wing grouping to receive a total of 11 seats in the new parliament.