We managed to achieve ‘social goals’ during Lhotse expedition: PR manager

Due to extreme weather conditions, September’s Polish Unification Expedition to Lhotse, the world’s fourth highest peak, was aborted. However, in the opinion of Oswald Rodrigo Pereira, the PR manager of the expedition, the undertaking was not futile.

Mr Pereira stated that the decision was taken so as not to put the lives of the climbers at risk. According to him, among the benefits that were gained from the Lhotse trip is the experience gained by the younger members of the expedition.

Since the venture was aimed not only at sport goals, but also at socialising in a group away from home, Oswald Pereira now has an opinion about the abilities of the young climbers and whom he can rely on in the future, most notably, in the upcoming expedition to K2.

The Lhotse expedition was called off on September 23. The statement by the head of the expedition read: “The conditions on the icefall are extremely dangerous. There is a partially torn serac hanging over the route leading to Camp no. 1, which could break off at any moment and fall directly on the people who are operating there.”

It was also pointed out that if the climbers tried to move any higher, they would be exposed to greater risk, since they would be forced to operate in the danger zone.

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