Poland hosts Mountain Warrior 2019 combat games

Soldiers from Poland, the Czech Republic and Germany are competing in the Mountain Warrior 2019 combat games, which began in Szklarska Poręba, in south-western Poland, on Thursday.

The AWL spokesperson, said that the purpose of the competition is primarily to exchange experiences with soldiers from other countries. The games are also a test of the soldiers' skills in difficult mountain conditions.

Poland is represented by two teams of soldiers from The Academy, as well as soldiers from the 10th Armoured Cavalry Brigade, the 25th Air Cavalry Brigade, the 6th Airborne Brigade and the 3rd Podkarpackie Territorial Defence Brigade. The other participants are military units from the Czech Republic and Germany.

Soldiers taking part in the competition compete in several categories including a 20 km march. As part of this competitive task, they must also carry out an evacuation - provide first aid to the wounded and carry the casualties out on stretchers. Another challenge during the march is to light a fire with the use of tinder and whatever resources the soldiers can find in the forest. The soldiers must boil half a litre of water on their fire.

Further competitions include combat shooting and emergency medical tasks. Soldiers also compete in technical and mountaineering activities such as climbing, abseiling and the construction of a rope bridge to complete a crossing to the other side of the river.

The international Mountain Warrior competition, organised by Tadeusz Kosciuszko Land Forces Military Academy (AWL), is taking place for the eleventh time.

The competition will last for four days.