President Duda: ruling party the only winner of the election

President Andrzej Duda spoke about the success of the ruling party in the election, hinting he’s running for a second term, and the Supreme Audit Office head’s possible resignation in an interview for daily Polska Times.

When asked about the parliamentary election on October 13, Mr Duda said that the ruling party was “the only winner of the ballot, as since 1989 no other party had received such strong support as Law and Justice (PiS) party.”

The ruling PiS party garnered 43.59 percent of the vote in the election, giving the party a majority of seats in the Lower House.

According to President Duda – himself a former PiS party member – the structure of the new parliament will represent a broader spectrum of Polish voters, as the Left returned to the Lower House, and the new Confederation crossed the five-percent threshold.

Mr Duda responded to a question whether he is going to run for a second term saying that he is a “relatively young person,” and that he is “not going to retire”. He also reassured that he is not afraid of standing against European Council head Donald Tusk if the latter decides to run for president.

The presidential election in Poland is set for May 2020, but no official candidates have yet stepped forward.

During the interview, President Andrzej Duda said that if the accusations against the new Supreme Audit Office Marian Banaś prove to be true, there will be “no mercy,” Mr Banaś will have to resign.

Marian Banaś, the head of the Supreme Audit Office and former finance minister, has been accused of renting out his property in Kraków, southern Poland, to individuals engaged in providing sex services.