Body of councilman found in Vistula river

The body of Tomasz Jędrzejczak, a councilman of the Zgierz county and the head of Law and Justice structures in Głowno, both in central Poland, was discovered in the Vistula river in Warsaw.

The private radio channel RMF FM reported that Mr Jędrzejczak disappeared on Friday evening. He and his wife attended a concert in central Warsaw.

According to unofficial reports, the couple got separated, because the man experienced a “nature’s call,” while his wife returned home.

On Saturday morning, the wife notified authorities that her husband is missing.

His body was discovered on Saturday after some canoeists noticed it and called the police. The prosecutors undertook the investigation to find out whether his death was an accident or he was killed.

“Early findings do not point out to the involvement of a third party, but all the options will be investigated. An autopsy will be conducted and it will allow us to determine the cause of death,” the spokesman of prosecutor’s office said.

Tomasz Jędrzejczak was 52 years old. He was elected four times as a councilman of the Zgierz country. In years 2006-2010 he was a member of the county’s board.