Number of banknotes doubled in last ten years: National Bank

Poland’s National Bank has announced that the number of banknotes in circulation has doubled in the last ten years. Altogether, there are over 2.2 bn banknotes.

According to Poland’s National Bank, the number of PLN 100 bills is at 1.3 bn, making it the most common Polish banknote.

The rarest remains the PLN 500, introduced in 2017. There are only 19 mln such banknotes. There are 185.4 mln PLN 50 bills, 124.1 mln PLN 20 notes, and 175.8 PLN 10.

The bank also noted that the value of all the bills is as high as PLN 228.4 bn (EUR 53.4 bn).

The “life expectancy” of one banknote is 379 days, as that is the average time a banknote is in circulation, needing to be taken out of circulation due to wear and tear.

The current Polish złoty (PLN) was introduced on January 1, 1995, after redominating Poland’s previous złoty (PLZ).

The National Bank of Poland (NBP) is the central bank of Poland. It exclusively controls the issuing of Poland’s currency.