Poles increasingly divided in political views: poll

A total of 84 percent of Polish voters believe that in recent years political differences between Poles have become deeper than before, according to a survey by researcher Kantar TNS for daily “Gazeta Wyborcza”.

The study showed that Poles differ greatly and pointed to those who should be blamed for this state of affairs. According to 31 percent of respondents, the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party is “more responsible for dividing and creating conflicts among Poles” whereas 26 percent accused the opposition of the same. Forty-one percent – the largest group – said however, that both the ruling camp and the opposition “equally divide Poles.”

According to the research, supporters of the Civic Coalition (KO) bloc led by the biggest opposition party Civic Platform (PO) tend to blame PiS and vice versa, the opposition is held responsible for the political division of Polish voters almost exclusively by PiS supporters.

The survey also probed a concept related to the division of “winners and losers of transformation”. It found that those who have benefited from economic transition after 1989, as well as their children, would vote for the opposition. However, if they have not found their way in the market economy, they would vote for PiS.

According to “Gazeta Wyborcza”, the poll confirmed the correlation between wealth levels and support for the party. “Among those with the lowest income of below PLN 1,500 (EUR 350) a month net, 60 percent vote for PiS and only 23 for KO. The Civic Coalition wins among the most well-off voters, receiving 45 percent of support against 25-pct vote for PiS.

The Left, a coalition of three left-wing parties, achieved its best result (15 pct) among people earning a take-home pay of PLN 2,500-4,500 (EUR 584-818).

Nearly half of the respondents, 49 percent, are of the opinion that “politicians who artificially divide and antagonise Poles,” while 45 percent said that “Poles are deeply divided, and politicians just play on that fact.”