Huge chance for growth in China trade due to the scale of the market

Polish consumers buy goods from China for PLN 3,000 (EUR 714) per annum on average, while the statistical Chinese only buy goods for PLN 6 (EUR 1.42), China-based trade expert Michał Bielewicz told PolandIN.

Polish trade deficit closed as distant markets tapped: stats office

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The statistics hide a lot of cross border trade, according to Anthony Chiu, a Polish entrepreneur of Chinese origin whose company 1000 Lakes sells ecologically-friendly honey to Chinese customers.

Due to the size of the Chinese markets, some producers of goods like fruit juice can send “600-800 containers per year to China,'' according to Mr Chiu.

Areas where Poland is doing well include dairy products, fruit and poultry. When asked where success in the future lies, Mr Bielewicz names the cosmetics sector, while Anthony Chiu put store in consumer goods.

One thing both guests agreed on was that if Polish exporters do not take time to study the market – a process which can take between 1-5 years and is full of bureaucratic challenges – then they will not reap the huge rewards which await successful relations with Chinese customers.

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