‘To say Poland is an anti-Semitic country is absolutely not true’: Israel’s Ambassador

Alexander Ben Zvi emphasized in an interview with private broadcaster Radio Zet that criticism of Israel and Israeli politicians' policy is not anti-Semitism. “Anti-Semitism is a claim that Jews are responsible for something just because they are Jews,” the diplomat said.

"Who says you can't criticize Israeli politicians? You can, but as politicians, not as Jews, just as you can criticize French or Swedish politicians on international issues. It is normal. It is abnormal when we talk about Jews as a nation in a negative way,” said the ambassador.

Asked about anti-Semitism in Poland, Mr Ben Zvi said that anti-Semitic behavior in Poland occurs just like in other countries in Europe or the United States. "But to say that Poland is an anti-Semitic country is absolutely not true,” the ambassador said.

Ambassador Ben Zvi was also asked about the question of the restitution of Jewish property left in Poland after the Holocaust. "In some Visegrad countries, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia some solutions were adopted, the government and the Jewish community came to an agreement there. I think that eventually some agreement must be found,” he said. Mr Ben Zvi added that the discussion on this topic must take place in a calm atmosphere and not through the media.

Alexander Ben Zvi has served as Israeli ambassador to Poland since September 2019, replacing Anna Azari.