Polish breweries go green

Polish brewer Kompania Piwowarska signed a contract on Tuesday with European energy group Innogy. Three breweries owned by the company will be fully powered by wind power within five years.

According to Puls Biznesu daily, electricity used for the production of beer in the three breweries will be supplied by a wind farm in Nowy Staw, northern Poland.

Puls Biznesu said that this is the first long-term contract signed in Poland for the supply of electricity from a planned wind farm which will receive no state subsidies. It also noted that the agreement applies only to the beer production process and does not foresee the supply of wind-power electricity to the company’s offices.

The contract signed with Innogy will be valid for the next ten years and will run from 2020 until the end of 2029.

Kompania Piwowarska controls a third of Poland’s beer market. The company based in Poznań, western Poland, owns three breweries: Lech Browary Wielkopolski in Poznań, Tyskie Browary Książęce in Tychy, southern Poland, and Browar Dojlidy in Białystok, eastern Poland. The brewery in Tychy was founded in 1629 and is one of the oldest breweries in Europe. Since 2016, the company has been owned by Asahi Breweries of Japan.

The most popular beer brands of the company are Lech, Tyskie, and Żubr. Tyskie is one of the best-selling beer brands in Poland.