Ukrainian who rescued people in car crash granted Polish citizenship

Ukrainian national Andriej Sirovatskyi together with his wife and children were granted Polish citizenship on Wednesday. Mr Sirovatskyi saved at least three people in a multiple-car crash in June 2019.

Truck driver charged after pile-up kills six

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On June 6, 2019, six people died and 22 were injured in an accident on Poland’s A6 motorway near Szczecin, western Poland. Mr Sirovatskyi had been driving behind a truck which crashed into cars stuck in a traffic jam. As the truck hit the cars, several vehicles burst into flames. Immediately after the crash, Andriej Sirovatskyi began putting out the fire and freed three people stuck in their cars.

After the accident, the Ukrainian living in Poland received a congratulatory note from the governor of the Zachodniopomorskie Province, Olgierd Geblewicz. He also received a voucher for a free trip to the coastal city of Kołobrzeg for him and his family.

On July 24, Mr Sirovatskyi applied for Polish citizenship, and the Zachodniopomorskie Province’s prefect requested that President Andrzej Duda accelerate the procedure.

Polish citizenship was granted to him and his family on November 6, at least nine months faster than he would have normally waited.

During the ceremony when Mr Sirovatskyi and his family were granted Polish citizenship, Władysław Dajczak, the prefect of the Zachodniopomorskie Province, said that “six people died, but more could have died. That was prevented thanks to you, Andriej, thanks to your exceptional act, selfless approach, a noble stance of a person who proved human life is the highest value.”

“It does not happen often that one acquires Polish citizenship in three and a half months. I am pleased that I can grant you today, on behalf of President Andrzej Duda, Polish citizenship,” said Mr Dajczak at the ceremony.

Andriej Sirovatskyi came to Poland from Ukraine with his family in 2016. At first they lived in Słubice, on the Polish-German border, and later moved to Strzelce Krajeńskie, western Poland.

Mr Sirovatskyi works as a professional driver while his wife is a beautician. They have a daughter Aleksandra and a son named Dmytro.