Territorial Defence Forces now operating Polish-made UAVs

Training course for operators of the Polish-made FlyEye UAV has finished. The Polish Territorial Defence Forces (WOT) are now ready to use it.

“Using unarmed reconnaissance drones can substitute hundreds of soldiers and allows for nighttime operations, so FlyEye is an excellent tool in this regard. Another sort of challenge are crisis situations. During such operations, using UAVs allows us to asses the situation in real time and quickens the decision process. This may save lives” said Lieutenant Colonel Marek Pietrzak, WOT spokesman.

A number of soldiers from the 1st Territorial Defence Forces Brigade “Podlaskie” have just finished the months-long training course and are now qualified to operate the drones. The WOT is home guard-type force, often called up in the events of emergencies, such as floods, storms or large scale search efforts.

The system is man portable and can be prepared for launch in just 10 minutes. Since it requires neither a runway, nor a catapult, it can be used even in difficult terrain. Drone’s location and the image from its camera are transmitted in real time to the pilot-operator’s control console.

The drone is already operated by Polish Special Forces and has been used during the combat mission in Afghanistan. It is the first and only Polish-made drone operated by the Polish Military. Two other UAVs are also in it’s inventory: Boeing’s ScanEagle and Israeli Aeronautics Orbiter.

FlyEye is produced by WB Electronics, a Polish company developing and producing high tech military equipment such as telecommunication hardware, hardened computers and combat software, including command and control systems.