10th anniversary of EU’s Eastern Partnership

Ten years ago, Poland and Sweden jointly proposed the Eastern Partnership (EaP) as a vehicle for social, economic and institutional development to countries east of the EU. “We are proud of our achievements” - said Deputy Minister Marcin Przydacz during his visit to Stockholm.

“We need to create conditions for sustainable economic and human development in the EaP and that requires further progress made by partner countries in the fight against corruption, organized crime and illegal financial flows. The European Union should give priority in supporting these activities” - said Minister Przydacz.

Polish deputy FM participated in the ministerial dialogue held in Stockholm on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Eastern Partnership with the participation of foreign ministers of the EaP countries and Sweden.

During a two-day visit to Stockholm, Minister Marcin Przydacz also took part in a panel entitled "Development talks: A New Deal for EaP - Putting People First". The aim of the debate organized by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) was to define current achievements of the EaP in areas of development in which benefits of cooperation with the EU are mostly felt by citizens of six Partnership countries, and at the same time to identify the most important challenges for the future.

The deputy minister also held bilateral meetings with the secretary of state at the Swedish prime minister Karina Wallensteen, secretary of state at the Ministry for International Development Cooperation Per Olsson Fridh and SIDA general director Carin Jämtin. The talks concerned the possibilities of strengthening the Polish-Swedish cooperation in the Eastern Partnership, but also in Africa and in the Middle East, especially in the area of ​​ human capital, education, crisis management and environment.