Significant increase of education budget: Ministry of Education

The draft budget for 2020 envisages educational subsidies amounting to nearly PLN 50 billion (PLN 49.7 billion). The sum marks another increase in funds for education. The subsidy will be 6% higher than in 2019. There has been a total increase in spending of approx. PLN 9.4 billion since 2016.

The educational subsidy for 2019 amounts to PLN 46.9 billion, which is PLN 3.8 billion or 8.9 percent more than 2018. This is the highest nominal increase of the educational subsidy in history. Local governments received an additional PLN 1 billion to cover the costs of the September salary increase for teachers.

The proposed distribution of funds from the educational subsidy for 2020 includes financing the education of professions with particular emphasis on culture and national heritage, financing based on the forecast of the demand for employees in professional education professions and support for small schools in less affluent regions.

An increase of teachers salaries has been made one of the priorities for the national education policy. Teachers salaries have already increased by 21.2 percent since March 2018.

The Ministry announced that another salary increase of 6% will take place in 2020.