Zbyszek Cybulski Awards nominations announced

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Zbyszek Cybulski Awards. Katarzyna Figura and Andrzej Chyra scooped the Special Awards. The awards ceremony will take place on December 3.

“The Zbyszek Cybulski awards are aimed at appreciating the unique personalities of young actors. The award is for actors under 35, and they are nominated by members of the jury - Polish directors and actors, people who played famous roles in the previous year, have potential and give hope that "their potential will be fulfilled and not for just one role ". said Jacek Cegiełka, president of the “Kino” foundation, the organiser of the event.

Among the nominees for this year's Award is, among others, Maria Dębska for the role of Magda in the film "Zabawa, zabawa" directed by Kinga Dębska. The actress emphasizes that the nomination is important to her because she has been awarded by people who know the industry and are recognised personalities.

There were also nominations for: Eliza Rycembel, for her role in the film "Nina", directed by Olga Chajdas, Sebastian Fabijański for his role in the film "Mowa ptaków" directed by Xawery Żuławski and Piotr Żurawski for his role in the film "Interior" directed by Marek Lechki.