Supreme Court found first electoral protest to be justified

“The violations found had no impact on the election result” - the SN press team reported. The protest was about possible irregularities in counting votes in one of the committees.

The protest concerned voting in one of the regional committees in Szczebrzeszyn for elections to the Sejm (Polish parliament’s lower chamber).

“The protest was lodged by a candidate of the Civic Coalition running to the Sejm in this constituency. He pointed to irregularities in the counting of votes in one of the electoral commissions near Szczebrzeszyn, at the Village Culture Club in Kawęczyn - said Krzysztof Michałowski from the SN press team.

“The commission's protocol showed that the candidate received zero votes, and as the appellant indicates, he, his family and a group of friends who participated in the vote, a total of about 20 people - all voted in this commission and cast their votes for him - said Krzysztof Michałowski from the SN press team in October.

The appellant pointed out that "the issue of fair counting is fundamental to the sense of justice and civic subjectivity in society."

As Michałowski reported, this protest was recognized by the Supreme Audit Office and Public Affairs Chamber on Wednesday. - The Supreme Court expressed the opinion that the allegations of this protest are justified, but the violations found do not affect the election result - noted Michałowski.

In total, 274 electoral protests were filed to the Supreme Court.

So far - up to and including Wednesday - 33 protests have been recognized. Most of them were left without further consideration - said Mr Michałowski.