Poles have strong sense of job security: survey

As many as 70 percent of employees in Poland are not afraid of getting fired, with only Austria registering a more positive result in the poll conducted by the IRIS Financial Confidence Survey from mid-2019 in 22 countries around the world.

The survey indicates that the optimism of the Poles is consistent regardless of sex or age.

“The information about very low unemployment in the country gives its citizens a sense of security and ensures that they would eventually find a job after being sacked,” said Karolina Knyziak from the ARC Rynek i Opinia agency, the entity in charge of conducting the survey in Poland.

In the richest countries in the world, people are less optimistic. In the US, the share of employees that feel secure about keeping their jobs amounts to 65 percent, in the UK this figure does not reach 60 percent. There is even less faith in the labor market in France, where 53 percent respondents are afraid of losing their job, which is the worst result in Europe.

Overall, the biggest pessimists are the employees from Panama and Chile, where only one in three workers are not afraid of getting fired.

The research surveyed approximately 12,000 respondents in 22 countries.