‘Ebony and Ivory’: First different colour twins born in Poland

Rydygier Hospital in the central Polish city of Łódź became a place of great joy when Joanna and Jason, Poland’s first different colour twins, were born on October 29.

Joanna’s complexion is lighter and Jason’s darker, but both look equally adorable. Their parents, Feumi Wanji Ornella Diana and Minkoumou Noumi Alex Franck, come from Cameroon and both of them are black. Feumi Wanji Ornella Diana, the mom of the special twins, studies in Łódź.

Although twins of different skin colours are a rare phenomenon, there is nothing abnormal about the children’s chromatic difference, doctors say.

“This may seem odd for people who know little about medicine but from a genetic point of view such a scenario is quite possible,” said Janusz Lasota, the obstetrical advisor at The Rydygier Hospital.

The girl was simply born as an albino, meaning her skin lacks a sufficient amount of pigment that could darken it. Due to the fact that the babies are fraternal, Jason demonstrates his dark skin colour.

The difference in colours did not surprise the parents either, wrote Poland’s “Dziennik Łódzki” daily which first reported the story. The twin’s mom said her two brothers and an uncle were also born with albinism.

According to National Geographic, the parents and their newborn twins will remain in Poland as Joanna, being an albino, is less resistant to skin cancer caused by prolonged exposure to intensive sunshine. Also, albinism is still stigmatised in parts of Africa.