FNP science awards for 2019 announced

One of those awarded is Professor Marcin Drąg from the Faculty of Chemistry of Wrocław University of Technology for research on the detection and treatment of cancer.

Professor Drąg explained that in his laboratory he is conducting research on so-called unnatural amino acids. "We made compounds that are incomparably better than natural ones in terms of activity, and above all selectivity, which allows us to make practically perfect molecules," said the professor.

Created by Prof. Drąg the Imaging Laboratory at the Faculty of Chemistry of Wrocław University of Technology, uses the first mass cytometer in Poland. It is currently the most modern device for the analysis and diagnostics of cell samples. "This is a method that allows imaging of the activity of dozens of enzymes at once. We have already started cooperating with the Lower Silesian Oncology Centre and will be testing samples from patients suffering from cancer, " said Professor Drąg.

As part of another project, Prof. Drąg's team conducts research on the treatment of neutropenia (neutropenia is a haematological condition that reduces the number of neutrophils, neutrophils maintain immunity in the blood). In this project scientists from Wrocław are cooperating with Prof. Wojciech Młynarski's team from the Medical University of Łódź.

Two other scientists were honoured in the 28th edition of the competition:

Professor Andrzej Kossakowski from the Institute of Physics of Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń received the Foundation’s 2019 Award in the field of mathematical, physical and engineering sciences for developing the theory of quantum open systems.

Another award was presented to Professor Andrzej Wiśniewski from the Faculty of Psychology and Cognitive Science at the University of A. Mickiewicz in Poznań for developing the concept of inferential logic of questions.

The Foundation's awards are granted for special scientific achievements and discoveries that push the boundaries of cognition and open new perspectives, make an outstanding contribution to civilization and the cultural progress of our country - reiterated the award’s organisers from FNP.