Institute of National Remembrance to cooperate with US National Archives

Polish Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) will establish a cooperation effort with the American National Archives and Record Administration (NARA).

“The head of NARA, David Ferriero, assured that the US National Archives will lend support to the employees of IPN, who will arrive in Washington in January 2020. We’re especially interested in documents regarding the second world war, including those regarding the personnel of German concentration camps and those from the communist regime era in Poland, like the ones connected to the escape of lieutenant colonel Józef Światło,” said Jarosław Szarek, head of the IPN.

Mr Szarek is currently in the US with a delegation. They will join the Poles living in the US in the celebrations of the Independence Day on November 11.

The US Army captured scores of German documents during and directly after World War Two. The IPN hopes to acquire these documents that are not available in Poland.

“We hope that thanks to this cooperation, the archive of IPN will be expanded to include documents previously unknown in Poland, allowing researchers to expand their knowledge and share it with the public,” added Mr Szarek.

Józef Światło was a high profile officer of the Polish communist regime who defected to the West in 1953. He then described the workings of the regime in a series of radio broadcasts for Radio Free Europe.