Joint Polish-American humanitarian project to aid Iraqi Kurdistan

A joint Polish-American humanitarian project, worth some 500,000 USD, will provide medical aid to internally displaced people in Iraqi Kurdistan.

“This important project is just one example of the great things we can accomplish when Poland and the United States work together,” said Georgette Mosbacher, the US Ambassador to Poland.

The project will help expand local community’s access to professional medical care. Some of the most urgently needed professionals include paediatricians, psychologists and nutrition specialists.

United States Agency for International Development and Solidarity Fund PL contributed funds to the project. The funds will be directed towards Polish humanitarian organisations operating in the Middle East.

“This is not only strategic, military and economic cooperation. It is not limited to lifting visas for Polish citizens by the US. This is genuine help given to people in need,” said Michał Woś, Minister for Humanitarian Aid.