Ładoś Group member’s rich archive digitalised

Consisting of photocopies of documents relating to the life and career of Juliusz Kühl, a diplomat at the Polish embassy in Bern during WWII and a member of the Ładoś Group that saved hundreds of Jews by providing them with fake South American passports, the Julius Kühl collection has been recently digitalised by the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

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The collection is a veritable trove of information regarding first and foremost the activity of the Ładoś Group that consisted of Polish diplomats ambassador Aleksander Ładoś, consul Konstanty Rokicki, Stefan Ryniewicz, and Jewish activists Abraham Silberschein, Chaim Yisroel Eiss and Juliusz Kühl himself.

“Records include general correspondence, telegrams, articles and clippings, reports and pamphlets, miscellaneous reports, Professor Penkower’s interview with Dr. Reuben Hecht, a report on Treblinka, and Dr. Kühl’s autobiographical report,” the museum’s website informs.

Jakub Kumocz, Poland’s Ambassador to Switzerland and a populariser of the Ładoś Group’s story, expressed his gratitude for the digitalisation accomplished by the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

“Thank you, the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, for digitalising the archive,” tweeted Mr Kumoch, adding that the archive included a document that proved that the Polish Embassy in Berne “transferred significant sums of money to cover the costs of the operations carried out by The Ładoś Group. CHF 10,000 at that time amounted to at least 100k today.”

He also tweeted explaining that Juliusz Kühl took the documents proving the transfer was carried out with him to the US. This is how researchers can now learn that the activity of the Ładoś Group was even more extensive than previously thought.

“Our recent studies suggest that between 8 and 10 thousand European Jews were in possession of Ładoś passports which protected many of them from being sent to Nazi death camps,” tweeted Poland’s Ambassador, adding that “we are soon to publish the list of names. “