Rita Cosby vows to tell story of Poland until her last breath

Recently decorated by the President of Poland Andrzej Duda with the Commander’s Cross of the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland, the awards-winning US journalist, with Polish roots Rita Cosby told PolandIN that when she received the distinction, she promised to tell “the incredible story of Poland until [her] last breath.”

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“I was so humbled and when the President pinned this on my chest I looked at him… and said to him ‘I accept this on behalf of my father and I accept it on behalf of all the children of [Warsaw] uprisers and that we may continue to tell the incredible story of Poland’,” said Ms Cosby, adding: “and I promised to keep doing it until my last breath, and I said ‘I love this country’.”

Ms Cosby also expressed her belief, which she said she has been sharing with everyone, that “there is no better time in the World to be a Polish-American.” The US journalist added that she encountered countless instances of American people proclaiming their Polish roots with an air of pride and joy.

PolandIN’s guest said that her activity as an author and writer has contributed to numerous people’s growing interest in Polish history and Poland as a whole. “Accepting this award means to me that the World is learning about this incredible country that I have just madly fallen in love with” said Ms Cosby.

Stumbling upon father’s heroic past

Ms Cosby’s father was a Polish insurgent in the Warsaw Rising who migrated to the US following the rise-to-arms’ conclusion. PolandIN’s guest found out about her father’s heroic past unintentionally, “literally stumbling upon it”.

“We were going through my mother’s belongings and when my mother passed away we put all these things in a storage locker and then suddenly I stumbled upon this old suitcase… an old, leather, battered suitcase sitting in the corner of the storage locker… Inside was essentially my father’s life,” Ms Cosby told PolandIN.

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The Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland is a Polish order of merit founded in 1974, awarded to persons who have rendered great service to Poland. It is granted to foreigners or Poles residing abroad. As such it is sometimes referred to as a traditional "diplomatic order".