Speaker Grodzki addresses the nation

The Speaker of the Senate Tomasz Grodzki claimed his statutory right of making a national address to the nation on public TV after the main evening news.

Opposition Senator becomes Speaker

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Tomasz Grodzki, the Speaker of the Senate from the Civic Coalition (KO), who was elected on Tuesday took the opportunity of addressing the nation on public TV on Thursday, after the main evening news. The message he wanted to get across was that the Senate was now in the hands of opposition parties and that they would take full advantage of its rights to amend legislation coming from the Lower House and to propose legislative drafts. But he promised that the Senate would not attempt to block government legislation.

He said that Polish society’s strength lay in its “diversity”. That could not be blocked by attempts to impose “some strange ideology” he said.

The Senate speaker then proceeded to make personal observations about how politicians should serve the people in “their pursuit of happiness and fulfilment of dreams” and how legislation should make life “easier and better”. For some reason, he felt that the Senate was particularly well equipped for this task.

He promised that he would do everything possible to ensure that the Senate became the forging ground for “good legislation” and a chamber which would be dominated by “respect, decency, the rule of law, truth and there will be no place for cynicism, breaches of the constitution or bending of the rules.

Finally, he reminded viewers that he was a medical doctor who obliged him to treat everyone equally, regardless of their appearance, race or views. He promised that he would apply that approach in everyday life and politics.


New Senate Speaker wants to visit US

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Too long, read too quickly, meandering and devoid of anything which one could remember apart from Senator Grodzki announcing his and the opposition’s arrival in control of the Senate. But at least we should thank the Civic Platform for sparing us the oratorical skills and guile of Bogdan Borusewicz, a previous Senate Speaker known to struggle in front of the cameras.

Senator Grodzki's curious address to the nation may be a conclusive argument for getting rid of these addresses to the nation from Polish screens. Or at least to limit that right to the head of state only. Having that right given to the PM, Speakers of the Sejm and Senate seems to be several bridges too far.

Viewers will not be happy about having to wait longer for the weather forecast after the main evening news. Many of them may have been stirred into unparliamentary language at the length of the Senate Speaker’s address.

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