We cannot avoid responsibility for our planet: Climate Minister

Michał Kurtyka, the Minister of the newly created Ministry of Climate said in a radio interview that “we cannot avoid responsibility for our planet”.

“The scientist show the impact of man on the changes in climate, therefore we cannot avoid the responsibility for our planet,” said Mr Kurtyka.

“We were managing the resources of our planet such as water, fossil fuels and air pollution with a very light-handed way,” said the Minister.

On the subject of air pollution in Polish cities, Kurtyka blamed the problem on negligence of the communist government which ruled Poland until 1989.

“In order to change things, we have to have a very clear, concrete policy. I will gladly conduct this policy. However we need to have a discussion about the funds to conduct this transformation. And we have an unprecedented, when it comes to costs, program “Clean Air”. But we also have a discussion within the European Union about the new budget for 2020-2027 and my role will also be to act as the advocate for our challenges in the context of the EU budget and European solidarity,” said Mr Kurtyka.

The Ministry of Climate was newly created this year, taking over the tasks of the abolished Ministry of the Environment.