Underwater pipeline resumes transfer of sewage to Czajka plant

The pipeline under the Vistula river once again transports sewage from the left bank of Warsaw to the Czajka sewage treatment plant, the National Water Management Polish Waters announced on Saturday.

The company wrote that the damaged collectors of the facility have been repaired, and the task of removing the elements of the backup bypass installation began on Friday night, with 50 people involved. The total weight of the discharge bypass amounted to over 21 tonnes.

During the upcoming week, the removal of mechanical devices and the temporary pipeline construction is planned.

"In total, over 500 people, including 200 soldiers, were involved in the construction process. Over the last two months, this unique on a global scale, two-kilometre-long bypass placed on the pontoon bridge pumped 14 million cubic metres of untreated sewage,” the Polish Waters statement announced.

At the end of August, two collectors discharging sewage from the left-bank of Warsaw to the "Czajka" sewage treatment plant located on the right bank were damaged. As a result, the waste spilled straight into the Vistula river.

In response to the failure, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki decided to build a temporary pipeline to pump sewage to the Czajka treatment plant. The entire emergency bypass system was built in 10 days. The venture cost PLN 35 mln net (EUR 8.2 mln), while the repair of the damaged collectors to Czajka cost PLN 39 mln (EUR 9.1 mln).