Parents of US soldier who rescued Polish trooper meet the survivor

Linda and Robert Ollis, the parents of US Army Staff Sergeant Michael H. Ollis who was killed in 2013 while saving the life of Polish Lieutenant Karol Cierpica during the Afghan War, met on Saturday with the survivor and his family.

On August 28, 2013, at the Ghazni military base in Afghanistan, Michael H. Ollis shielded Polish Second Lieutenant Karol Cierpica with his own body during a suicide attack by Afghan rebels. The US soldier died on the spot.

It is the third visit to Poland for Mr and Ms Ollis since their son's death.

"We are thankful for how Poles commemorate our son. I think he is present in people's memory more in Poland than in the US," Linda Ollis said.

Robert Ollis added that many people do not even realise that Karol and Michael did not know each other before they met at that tragic moment.

Sergeant Ollis's parents have been in Poland for several days. On November 11, they took part in official ceremonies marking Poland's Independence Day.

On November 14, they received an Honorary Ambassador of Poland award in commemoration of their son's deed, in Lubin, southwest Poland.