New tasks for the budget require additional contributions: EU Affairs Minister

Minister Szymański said that budget negotiations have been conducted for 18 months and the differences between EU countries are so significant that it brought no progress. The Minister also criticized Finland, which led the work of the Union, for its proposals to reduce the Community budget.

Minister Konrad Szymański, added that countries that want new priorities in the budget, such as defence, migration or climate policies, must take into account the need for additional contributions to the EU budget.

"We urge you to think about whether we want a revolution in terms of expenditure architecture or whether we want to limit the budget. These two goals cannot be achieved at the same time. If someone wants to add new tasks to the Union, they must agree for new contributions," said Minister Szymański.

The deadlock in budget negotiations means that this problem will be taken over by Croatia, which starts its EU presidency in January.

However, many people in Brussels have doubts as to whether the authorities in Zagreb, who will be chairing the leadership for the first time, will be able to handle it.

Therefore, it is hoped that the problem will be fixed during the German presidency, which will last for half of 2020.

Minister Konrad Szymański, who is responsible for Polish-EU relations, participated in a Community forum in Brussels, dedicated to the financial aspects of its functioning.