Dangerous liaisons: high-ranking officers corrupted by pimps: report

The current chief officer of the Rzeszów police department Piotr J. (name withheld in line with Polish privacy law) and two of his predecessors Damian W. and Krzysztof B. and the former chief of the Rzeszów Central Anticorruption Bureau (CBA) department Robert P. faced charges of reaping financial and private benefits from exceeding the scope of their authority on Tuesday, Polish daily “Rzeczpospolita” reported.

Poland’s Interior Security Agency (ABW), which detained the men on Monday, were put on to their trail whilst investigating another police officer Daniel Ś. He received free sexual services from prostitutes employed by Ukrainian nationals, brothers and pimps Evgeni and Alexei R. in exchange for “protection”, “Rzeczpospolita” wrote.

The R. brothers’ procurement business was active in the Podkarpacie province for years, the daily reported. The R. brothers corrupted the detained police officers with their prostitutes’ free sexual services, alcohol and lavish parties. In exchange, the officers were customers of the den of iniquity for two years (2014-2016) and subsequently turned a blind eye to the R. brothers’ 20-year-long activities.

On top of that, former chief of the Rzeszów CBA department Robert P. is suspected of disclosing official secrets to the pimp brothers, the daily wrote, adding that the Rzeszów police department was clamping down on other procurement businesses, while the CBA began its crackdown on the R. brothers’ activities only in 2016.

According to the daily, the R. brothers have already been sentenced by Polish courts with the last ruling made in May 2018, however, none of them served their prison time and continued to reap benefits from their illegal sex business even a year after the 2016 crackdown. “Rzeczpospolita” also wrote that it was only due to the insistence of the Ukrainian law enforcement that the CBA finally terminated the R. brothers’ illegal business.