Germany becomes top host as Polish workers leave UK: survey

Statistics Poland’s (GUS) data shows that the number of Poles temporarily remaining in the UK decreased by 98,000 (12 percent) in 2018 reaching 695,000 and resulted in the country being overtaken by Germany in terms of the number of Polish workers, website reported.

Polish unemployment below EU average

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Uncertainties surrounding the conditions for Poles in post-Brexit UK and reports of anti-immigrant attitudes were the main factors contributing to the exodus of Polish citizens.

This also resulted in the UK no longer being host to the largest number of Polish workers. In 2018, the top position was taken over by Germany with 706,000 Polish workers. Moreover, 123,000 Polish workers were reported to be living in the Netherlands and 113,000 in Ireland.

According to Bloomberg, Poles are returning because of the improved situation in their homeland, which is exemplified by the yearly GDP growth that has been oscillating around a 5-percent level for the past few years and the low unemployment rate that entails a workforce deficit and competition for workers. described the current phenomenon as “a reversal of the trend witnessed during Poland’s joining the EU in 2004”. The number of Polish labour migrants doubled between 2004 and 2017, with a total of 2.5 mln Poles working abroad.