Commanders of the world’s Territorial Defence Forces convene in Poland

Commanders and leaders of various states’ Territorial Defence Forces gather for a meeting in the suburban Warsaw town of Jachranka.

Territorial Defence Forces now operating Polish-made UAVs

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The meeting of the Territorial Defence Forces’ commanders is the second time the event has been organised within the framework of the European Territorial Co-operation ETC-2. Lithuanian, Latvian, Estonian, Danish, Swiss, Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, Hungarian, German, British, US and, for the first time, Georgian commanders are participating in the meeting organised by the Polish Territorial Defence Forces Command.

The commanders discuss how the role of Territorial Defence Forces are defined by Europe and America’s states. Sharing of recruitment and management experience also takes place during the meeting.

Germany, Finland, Norway and Denmark’s commanders take the floor to give speeches.

The European Territorial Co-operation ETC-2 is a platform that enables experience, training resources and threat information-sharing. The inaugural meeting took place in Warsaw in September 2018.

Poland’s Territorial Defence Forces were established on January 1, 2017, and are dedicated to conducting defence activities in cooperation with the Operational Forces and supporting elements of the non-military system. They carry out unconventional activities, anti-sabotage and offensive landing, participate in safeguarding the reception and development of allied reinforcement forces in commanded areas and implementation of crisis management projects, the eradication of natural disasters and the elimination of their effects, property protection and search and rescue operations.

From its inception, the Territorial Defence Forces have been developing rapidly. Early in November, a training course for operators of the Polish-made FlyEye UAV was completed and resulted in the Territorial Defence Forces readiness to use it.

In October, Poland organised the Mountain Warrior 2019 combat games in the south-western Polish town of Szklarska Poręba. The 3rd Podkarpackie Territorial Defence Brigade took part alongside other Polish troops, competing against military units from the Czech Republic and Germany.