A thousand people evacuated after WWII bomb found in Warsaw

On Wednesday, around a thousand people were evacuated after an aerial bomb was found at the construction site for Warsaw’s second underground line. The bomb has most likely been there since WWII.

According to the spokesperson of the Praga-Północ district Police Department, Paulina Onyszko, sappers have already secured the bomb.

The capital’s services evacuated a primary school, three apartment blocks, and a shopping centre, amounting to around a thousand people living or working in the vicinity of the construction site.

The bomb which most likely dates back to WWII is 30 cm wide, and 60 cm long. At around 10 AM on Wednesday, an excavator operator dug it out during construction works for the extension of Warsaw’s second metro line, Bródno district. The operator noticed parts of the bomb on the digger’s backhoe.

Warsaw’s Municipal Transport Authority has also closed down nearby roads, buses and trams have been sent on detours.

Warsaw opened part of the city’s second underground line in 2015. Its eastern extension was opened in September 2019. There are currently 10 more stations under construction.