Poland, Lithuania sign declaration on education

Poland’s Education Minister Dariusz Piontkowski and Lithuanian Minister of Education, Science and Sports Algirdas Monkevicius signed a declaration in Warsaw on Wednesday on the education of the Polish minority in Lithuania and the Lithuanian minority in Poland.

Lithuania temporarily accepts Polish textbooks in Polish schools

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The declaration, which comes into force on the date of signature, includes an analysis of possible ways of organising the 'matura' matriculation exam in the native language at the state level in Lithuania and introducing exam results as a condition for entering university.

Moreover, cooperation between Polish and Lithuanian institutions responsible for carrying out state exams will become closer.

Lithuania also agreed to provide native language textbooks for schoolchildren with Polish as the language of instruction. The two states will jointly organise teacher training courses.

The declaration is also aimed at solving the issue of educating the Polish minority in Lithuania and Lithuanian minority in Poland. In addition, the ministers set a deadline for specific actions to bring the declaration’s provisions into force.

“I hope this will translate into even closer cooperation, also in translating matura exam tests, not only in Poland but also in Lithuania,” Mr Piontkowski said, commenting on the declaration.

The two sides declared they will systematically monitor education quality in both countries.