Interview: Warsaw by light of neons

“Neon”, a film by Eric Bednarski, tells the story of Warsaw’s neons from interwar Poland to modern times. Mr Bednarski in an interview with PolandIN said that many neons were designed by talented artists and architects and can be considered a work of art.

Neons have been an inseparable part of Warsaw for many decades. Their golden era took place during communist Poland in the 1960s and 70s. Many Poles remember them from their younger years.

Warsaw was unparalleled in the Eastern Bloc, as grey colours usually dominated city scenery. This caused the neons to stand out even more.

Eric Bednarski created an overview of Poland’s capital’s neon signs, going back to pre-war Poland, the times of “social realism”, and free Poland. According to Mr Bednarski, neons have made a comeback over the last few years.

Many of those taken down since the fall of communism can be seen at the Neon Museum in Warsaw’s Praga-Południe district.

The documentary “Neon” was released in 2014, and has been screened all around the world, most recently in San Francisco.

Click here to see the full interview with Eric Bednarski.