Poles likely to go on Christmas shopping-spree: survey

With jingle bells already resounding over the northern horizon and the ever-more present smell of cinnamon, ginger and oranges, Deloitte “Christmas 2019” survey shows that an average Polish family may spend over EUR 300 during its round of this year’s Christmas shopping.

A consumer trends survey by Deloitte, the multinational professional services network, found that the average Polish family will spend on average PLN 1,521 (EUR 354) on Christmas presents, food, travel, get-togethers and reunions with loved ones, an increase of 5 percent over last year.

While cosmetics, perfume and chocolate are expected to be the most popular gifts in terms of physical indulgence, books may be the most probable present for nourishment of the soul.

Poles will spend the majority of their Christmas budget (68 percent) in traditional stores, while one-third will decide to buy presents through online stores that also have bricks and mortar branches. Moreover, 28 percent of those polled will use e-commerce platforms and 37 percent of the respondents will use smartphones or tablets to purchase their gifts.

As many as 62 percent of the respondents felt convinced to shop online by home deliveries. The availability of a wide variety of products was named by 58 percent of respondents as the most convincing factor and as many pointed to time saving aspect of shopping online. Meanwhile, the possibility of easy price comparison appealed to 57 percent of the respondents.

A total of 77 percent of respondents found traditional shopping better because of the possibility of receiving the product immediately, 76 percent pointed to the ease of product exchange and return, while 75 percent were convinced by personal data protection, whereas the possibility of receiving professional advice from the vendor appealed to 74 percent of the respondents.

The study showed Poles declared they would spend a little more on gifts than on food for another consecutive year. Presents will consume 36 percent (PLN 547; EUR 127) of the Christmas budget, whereas 34 percent (PLN 524; EUR 122) of the funds will be spent on food. In turn, Poles plan to spend PLN 324 (EUR 75) and PLN 126 (EUR 29), respectively, on travel and social gatherings.

The survey was conducted online on September 16-October 11, 2019, on a sample of nearly 7,200 respondents aged 18-65. This year's study analysed data from eight European countries: Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom.