Climate Minister: we wish to limit waste using economic stimuli

Poland’s new Climate Minister declared on Thursday that one of the priorities for the new ministry will be to limit waste.

The new Climate Minister explained during an interview for Polish Radio, that the path to limiting waste is through giving it certain value.

“I wish to introduce a policy of putting greater responsibility on producers,” said Mr Kurtyka.

According to the minister, resources such as junk, glass, or plastic are wasted as they have no real value. “Once we introduce a system where we give value to these materials, we will not only be able to cut costs, but also using rational economic stimuli, encourage producers to use more eco-friendly materials, ones that can be reused.”

Mr Kurtyka also declared that the Climate Ministry will “broaden and deepen” Poland’s already existing programmes, such as “Clean Air”, developing electromobility, or “My power”, a programmes aimed at co-financing household solar panels.

Poland’s Climate Minister, who was also present at the Global e-Mobility Forum in Warsaw on Thursday, said that it is crucial to “undertake challenges of the future” and raise Poles’ living standards.

“I would like my ministry to tackle these [issues]. One of the most important elements which concern us on an everyday basis are issues related to transport, smog, noise, and transportation emissions,” the minister said.