First anti-smog resolution offender punished: Kraków

Violation of the anti-smog resolution, which came into force in Krakow on September 1 this year, was detected by the city guards.

“It was a standard control, one of many that the guards have carried out since September 1. Nobody informed us of heating with illegal materials,” said Marek Anioł, spokesman of the Krakow city guard.

As reported by Mr Anioł, irregularities were detected on October 8 during checking furnaces at ul. Rymarska, in the center of Krakow. It turned out that the owner of one of the controlled properties had been burning coal and wood in the furnace. The guards immediately applied to the court for punishment.

The court decided that the circumstances of the incident and the guilt of the accused, are beyond reasonable doubt. It deemed the act an offense described in the Resolution of the Provincial Council of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship of January 15, 2016 regarding the introduction of restrictions on the operation of installations in which the fuel is burned in ​​the Municipality of Krakow.

From September 1, 2019, it is forbidden to burn solid fuels, i.e. coal, wood, pellets, eco-pea coal, etc. in Krakow. Consequences resulting from legal regulations are being imposed on those who ignore the provisions of the anti-smog resolution. Misdemeanors may end with a warning, a fine of PLN 20 up to PLN 500, or an application for punishment from court, which could result in a fine of up to PLN 5,000.