Neglected tigers story comes to happy ending

The tigers were stuck at the Polish-Belarusian border crossing point for eight days, because of the lack of required documentation. The exhausted animals eventually found shelter at Poznań Zoo, western Poland and the majority are now in good shape.

Five of the ten tigers are now in good enough condition to be transported to a sanctuary in Spain. Two have already found their new home in a zoo in Człuchów, northern Poland.

The oldest of the ten tigers, Gogh had problems with breathing and digestion. It underwent surgery but remains in serious condition. Gogh and the last of the pack, Khan will stay in Poznań.

The tigers set out from Italy on October 22 to Dagestan, Russia. On its way the transport was refused entry to Belarus as the animals did not have the veterinary certificates issued by the Italian veterinary services. In addition the drivers did not have valid visas.

If not for the help from Poznań Zoo the animals would face a grim fate, as they were kept in terrible conditions and as a result one died.

Two Italian drivers and the Russian coordinator of the transport will face cruelty charges.