Polish chess Grandmaster: ‘I’m after Carlsen’

The Grand Prix FIDE in Hamburg finalist and Poland’s 2013 chess Grandmaster Jan-Krzysztof Duda said in the wake of the competition that he “is after” Norwegian world master Magnus Carlsen, whom he plans to face in Moscow during this year’s World Championships on December 26-30.

During last year’s World Championships Mr Duda fell only to Magnus Carlsen, who also became the Pole’s nemesis as the only high-ranking chess player whom he failed to beat.

This year during the Grand Prix finals in Hamburg Mr Duda, ranking 20th in the FIDE ranking with 2,748 pts on November 1, faced off Alexander Grischuk who ranks 10th in the FIDE ranking with 2,764 pts. Poland’s chess player lost 2.5:3.5 against the Russian.

Regardless of coming close to victory, Mr Duda said that he was “very content with his performances.” “I managed to carry out my plan better than expected,” said Mr Duda, adding that “nevertheless I have a feeling that I could have done even better in the World Cup competition [at Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia]. The most important thing is that this marathon against world chess avant-garde revealed my strong points just like the ones that I still need to improve.”

Mr Duda stressed that he owes all of his success, from childhood to the present, to his home chess teachers, “mainly Andrzej Irlik… and Kamil Miton with whom he breaks through the glass ceiling willing to bring the pre-WWII tradition of Polish chess to the light of day. We also want to revive the 19th-century Polish school of chess when Polish chess players were simply dreaded at every competition.”

After the forthcoming competition in Moscow on December 26-30, Mr Duda will “depart on his first in-a-long-time true holidays.”