2020 a major year for Polish video game industry: expert

The Cyberpunk 2077 debut in April and a more details about a new scifi game will make 2020 a major year for the Polish video games market

With 20 GameDev IPOs planned for 2020 in Poland, and a major new sci-fi game based on Polish writer Stanislaw Lem’s work, equity blogger Albert Rokicki explains why the stock market is more attractive to developers than other forms of finance.

There are 20 IPOs in this field planned for next year, Albert Rokicki of the Longterm blog explained to PolandIN. So far, over 30 video game studios companies are listed on the Warsaw exchange making it the third-ranked country in the world in terms of listed game developers after Japan and Korea. London’s exchange has am mere three, while the Nasdaq has a mere three. Those companies are of course giants on a world scale.

“In Poland there is one giant, CD Project, worth just under EUR 6 bn and a long gap to PLAYWAY, worth around EUR 300 mln,@ Mr Rokicki explained.

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