Liftoff: company releases drone traffic management app

Fully integrated with the official PansaUTM system, which is an Unmanned Aviation Vehicle (UAV) traffic management system in the Polish airspace, DroneRadar 2 app was released on Thursday. It provides drone users with all the information and data on flight conditions, flyover permissions and accessibility of given airspace.

Connected to the PansaUTM system, DroneRadar 2 allows users to plan and manage their drone flights. It also notifies other drone operators subscribed to the app about the air traffic and accessibility of airspace.

A DroneRadar 2 user checks in to a PansaUTM system of air missions. The user’s mission is approved once it has been reported to the drone-flightplan (dFPL).

“DroneRadar 2 allows you to use missions created and approved in PansaUTM using dFPL (Drone Flight Plan) and full two-way non-verbal communication with air traffic services (CDDLC – Controller Drone Data Link Communication),” reads the app’s website.

The air traffic services may be informed about, for instance, the loss of control of the user’s drone. But the DroneRadar 2 app allows for two-way communication, thus the user may also receive information about an overflight of the Polish Medical Air Rescue chopper.

Another type of message is the “Land immediately” command, which the user can receive even when the application is closed.

Authored, published and administered by company, the app has been created with cooperation from ATM PP.