List of Jews aided by Ładoś Group to be published in mid-December

The list of Jews who were aided during WWII by Polish diplomats and Jewish activists known as the Ładoś Group is to be published in mid-December 2019, the Pilecki Institute reported.

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“The Pilecki Institute has been researching the activities of the Ładoś Group for the past one and half years. The result of this research will be published in mid-December and will include data on the Jews that the Polish Embassy in Berne provided with fake Latin-American passports. It is thanks to these documents that many Jews were saved,” said the head of the Pilecki Institute Wojciech Kozłowski.

“This will be a scientific publication prepared by our experts and in close cooperation with Poland’s Ambassador in Berne, Jakub Kumoch and his team,” said Mr Kozłowski, adding that “the publication will meet all high scientific criteria. We will tell the story of how the data was collected, what it means and what results from it.”

Poland’s Ambassador to Switzerland Jakub Kumoch tweeted that “the Pilecki Institute will publish ‘the Ładoś List’ edited by me. The publication will include 3,000 identified holders of the passports [fabricated in] Berne. We are on the lookout for more.”

Besides collaborating with Ambassador Kumoch, the institute has been working with the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN), the Jewish Historical Institute and Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum.

Meanwhile, the IPN reported that its archive researchers checked 729 surnames and that a query at the Arolsen Archives (former International Tracing Service in Bad Arolsen) returned 5,000 pages of documents on 244 people who were helped by the Ładoś Group.

The Ładoś Group participated in forging passports of Latin American countries, which were then given to some eight to ten thousand Jews during World War II. Although Switzerland did not allow foreign Embassies to use radio stations, the group used diplomatic codes to broadcast illegally, thus keeping the free world informed about the ongoing Holocaust.

Headed by Aleksander Ładoś, Poland's ambassador to Switzerland during the war, the group comprised of Polish diplomats and Jewish activists: Aleksander Ładoś, Abraham Silberschein, Konstanty Rokicki, Chaim Yisroel Eiss, Stefan Ryniewicz, and Juliusz Kühl.