Saved tigers from Poznań Zoo arrive at Spanish sanctuary

Five tigers that were saved at the Polish-Belarusian border in October arrived to the asylum in Spain and are feeling fine, the AAP Primadomus, the association which was in charge of organising the transport announced on Monday.

The tigers set off from Poznań Zoo on Saturday evening, travelling over 2,000 kilometres before reaching their destination in the Spanish town of Villena.

"The animals are a bit nervous, but this is normal after such a long journey. Besides, they are in a new place,” said one of the volunteers in the sanctuary.

Now, the tigers have to go through 30 days of quarantine. They have been provided warm and comfortable conditions.

The Spanish sanctuary AAP Primadomus is the headquarters of the Dutch animal advocates association - AAP, which took over the care of the tigers due to the fact that the facility in Poznań cannot provide proper conditions to house such a number of predators.

A total of ten animals were seized at the Polish-Belarusian border crossing in October. Apart from the five that found their new home in Spain, two tigers remain in Poznań zoo - Gogh and Kan - whose health condition, as the zoo workers stressed, does not allow for a long journey. Two other tigers also remain at the zoo in Człuchów in Pomerania. One animal died due to mistreatment when the trucks were held at the border crossing.