Someone else was wielding narwhal tusk: heroic Pole

Łukasz, the Pole who took part in stopping the terrorist who attacked people in London on Friday, made a statement about the details of the incident.

“On the afternoon of Friday, 29 November, I was working at Fishmongers Hall as normal when the unimaginable and tragic terrorist attack happened,” the Pole was quoted as saying by the London Metropolitan Police. His full name is being withheld due to security reasons.

But it turns out it was not him who used a tusk of narwhal whale to tackle the attacker.

“I and several others tried to stop a man from attacking people inside the building. I did this using a pole I found. Someone else was holding a narwhal tusk,” he admitted.

The Pole confirmed that he had been wounded by the terrorist. “The man attacked me, after which he left the building. A number of us followed him out but I stopped at the bollards of the bridge. I had been stabbed and was later taken to hospital to be treated. I am thankful that I have now been able to return home,” the statement reads.

Łukasz stressed that what he did was a matter of instinct. “When the attack happened, I acted instinctively. I am now coming to terms with the whole traumatic incident and would like the space to do this in privacy, with the support of my family,” he said.

He also extended his condolences to those who lost their loved ones during the attack.

On Friday, Usman Khan, the assailant, had been attending a conference on prisoner rehabilitation at Fishmongers' Hall. He had been convicted of terrorism offences in 2012 but released from prison on licence in December 2018 and was wearing a tag.

He entered the conference, threatened to blow up the hall with an explosive vest which turned out to be a decoy. Then he started to stab people. Mr Khan killed Jack Merritt, a 25-year old Cambridge University employee and Saskia Jones, a 23-year old volunteer.

A group of people, including Łukasz, tried to stop him using various items at hand, including the narwhal tusk, a pole and a fire extinguisher. Finally, the assailant was shot dead by a police officer.

Britain’s highest authorities, including Queen Elizabeth II, PM Boris Johnson and Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, praised the brave deed of the Pole and the others who tried to stop the terrorist.

The organisation of the Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for Friday’s attack.