Joint Polish-German clampdown on narco gang

One of Potsdam’s warehouses has been stormed by Poland and Germany’s police who also put an end to a narco gang’s criminal operations.

Poland’s police tracked down the gang’s activities to the German land of Brandeburg and immediately contacted their counterparts.

Commissioner Iwona Jurkiewicz of the Polish police said on Wednesday that the crackdown took place a couple of days ago. As many as six individuals suspected of working for an international gang of drug traffickers were detained “including… a German, a Croatian and a Polish citizen,” said Ms Jurkiewicz.

“A total of 191 kg of marijuana and 20 kg of hashish were secured,” said the police officer, adding that “the value of the drugs is estimated at over EUR 1 mln”.

The investigation revealed that a cannabis indica plantation could have been located at the warehouse.

“According to the German police, this was the largest drug stash discovery in Brandeburg in recent years,” said Ms Jurkiewicz, adding that “the close Polish-German police cooperation brought about the elimination of a huge amount of drugs from the market and the dismantling of a narco gang.”