Circuses with animals not welcome in Kraków

The City Council of Kraków, southern Poland, voted for resolution concerning leasing municipal grounds to circuses which show performances of animals.

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The resolution is addressed to Jacek Majchrowski, the Mayor of Kraków. A total of 35 councillors voted for the resolution, only one was against.

“It is high time Kraków joined cities that banned such form of entertainment,” Małgorzata Jantos, a councillor of Civic Coalition (KO) said.

The council stressed that a total of 33 cities in Poland have banned circuses with animals. The councillors say that they do not want to stop inviting circuses at all, they just do not want to lease them municipal grounds.

“The European Federation of Veterinarian Doctors is against abusing animals in circuses because of senseless violence and scores of countries worldwide partially or totally banned such performances,” Ms Jantos said.

Tomasz Popiołek from the Kraków City Hall said that the local authorities will check whether introducing such a ban is possible.

“Such limit could only concern municipal grounds, but we cannot forbid private entities to do so,” he said.

Mayor Majchrowski is also sceptical about the idea. “We will ban animal performances in circuses. Apart from the fact that circuses will go bankrupt, there is the question of what will happen to the animals? It can be even worse than in circuses,” he said.