Polish police bust drug cartel, seize two tons of cocaine

Nearly two tons of cocaine and opium from Colombia worth approximately PLN 2.2 bn (EUR 514.3 mln) was seized by the National Revenue Administration (KAS) and the Central Bureau of Investigation of the National Police (CBŚP) at the port of Gdynia, northern Poland, KAS announced on Thursday.

They revealed that the interception made by KAS and CBŚP officers has been the most successful operation combating drug production and smuggling within international criminal organisations in Poland over the last 30 years.

“On a European scale, it was a very fruitful operation, as it thwarted the spreading of drugs throughout the whole continent,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki pointed out.

The illegal factory and the warehouse storing drugs were operating in the Wielkopolskie province, west-central Poland. The cargo from Colombia, officially containing chalk, was intended to be unloaded at the port in Gdynia, and then transported to the hideout.

However, the KAS and CBŚP officers had been observing the activity of the group for months. It was decided to wait for the perfect opportunity before carrying out a raid, which appeared with the “chalk” transport.

Police chalk up major coup

A search of two containers revealed the presence of large amount of cocaine. The CBŚP officers, with the help of mobile scanning devices and a service dog, found 74 bags with 1,850 kilogrammes of high-quality cocaine inside. It was estimated that the seized drug would be enough for 7.5 million portions of cocaine, which was intended for the drug markets of several EU countries.

Following the operation at the port of Gdynia, officers from the district KAS and CBŚP sections launched a raid on the criminals hideout in Wielkopolskie, completely surprising the smugglers. Large amounts of drug production equipment and 10 kilogrammes of pure cocaine were found on site.

Apart from the Polish KAS and CBŚP officers, German police were also involved in the case, previously detaining one individual from the same criminal group in Germany. Four Colombians, an Iranian living in Germany and two Poles have been arrested.

The investigation is being conducted by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Gdańsk. The detained suspects will face allegations of participation in an organised criminal group, and the smuggling and production of large amounts of drugs. They face three years in prison.