Polish ecologists submit complaint over Nord Stream 2

The Polish Ecological Club (PKE) has submitted a complaint against the Danish authorities’ decision to agree to the continuation of construction of the Russian-German gas pipeline Nord Stream 2, Polish Radio reported, citing German daily “Bild”.

According to Polish Radio, “Bild” journalists acquired a six-page-long complaint that was submitted to the Danish Energy Board of Appeal. Polish ecologists argue that Nord Stream 2 AG, which is the daughter company of Russian oil giant Gazprom and the party responsible for the construction of the Russian pipeline, was unable to provide sufficient evidence that it will not bare a detrimental effect on the protected natural areas around the route of the projected pipe.

Moreover, the PKE felt that an insufficient number of documents required during the process of acquiring construction permits were submitted, “Bild” reported. Instead, Nord Stream 2 AG filed “vague opinions” and “outdated analyses” that violate Article 4 of the Convention on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context (ESPOO).

In light of the presented arguments, the PKE demands that the permit issued by the Danish Energy Agency for the construction of the Russian pipeline in the Danish exclusive economic zone be revoked or that the errors found in it be corrected and the permits’ text made available to the public.

The complaint was submitted to the Danish Energy Agency (Energiklagenaevnet) before November 27 but it was only recently that “Bild” revealed who was behind it. However, the Danish Energy Board of Appeal announced that the receipt of the appeal by the PKE does not suspend the Danish Energy Agency’s permit to lay the Russian gas pipeline.

An investigation into the complaint could take from 17 months up to 2 years.